Our bots read everything,

to help you compare anything.


Autocompare Web App

Our progressive web app is fast, secure and works on any device with
a browser. Stop wasting time reading through search results when you need to compare things

  • Always has recent information from trustworthy sources
  • Compare foods, movies, services, sports stars, and more
  • The app gets smarter the more you use it

Autocompare Voice App

Our voice app gives you information while keeping your hands free. Compare foods and ingredients while you cook in the kitchen. You can even autocompare streaming services or movies to each other.

  • Get information, hands free in the kitchen or living room
  • No complex commands, just say "Alexa autocompare broccoli to kale"
  • More topics like music, sports stars and video games coming soon


Why we think reading robots are a big deal

News, Blog Posts, and Articles

Augmented Intelligence And The New-Collar Worker

...AI isn't about replacing workers it's about augmenting human creativity

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AI Beats Humans at Reading Comprehension

...there are still tough natural language challenges facing machines.

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How Technology Shapes the Way We Read

...there's also never been a more confounding, daunting time to be a reader

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Websites, As We Know Them, Are Dead

How many times have you visited a website as the final decision in establishing a business relationship?

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Testing if machines can read

Before we can test machines for cognition shouldn’t we check if they’re literate first?

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